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[TSB] Instagib 1.0b Author: (not specified)
[TSB] Instagib 1.0b screen shot everybody spawns with a railgun with unlimited ammo - 1 hit is a kill
1st Assault Mod Author: hojo62
1st Assault Mod screen shot Description: This mod drops three nod light tanks on the runway. They come off the nod cargo plane before whatever you just ordered.
1st assault mod beta 2.0 Author: hojo62
1st assault mod beta 2.0 screen shot Description: A "sequel" to the first mod (1st assault mod). This one drops off every nod ground unit on the airstrip at the begining of the game.
1st PersonCamera For Vehicles Author: (not specified)
1st PersonCamera For Vehicles screen shot IBOPM has created this 1st person camera mod for Renegade Vehicles.
3 Invincible Black Hands Author: bisen11
3 Invincible Black Hands screen shot This mod drops off 3 invincible black hands to the Nod Airstrip constantly, they follow you about and will attack the enemy. You can't build vehicles.
3gdibots Author: (not specified)
3gdibots screen shot This mod makes the Nod cargo plane drop off 3 GDI bots. Two minigunners and one rocket soldier are dropped off. Three more bots are dropped off about every 20 seconds until the Airstrip is destroyed. This mod is required for the server only.

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