C&C Overlord

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Overlord is just a modified version of C&C mode in which one team must assault a base and complete an objective while another team attempts to stop them. The map is geared towards the defenders allowing them to easily defend key locations and move around the entire base much faster. Attackers will find a rather detailed mission plan onboard the Aircraft Carrier they start on. Basically, get into the base and plant a beacon on the top of the "Alba Cannon". Beware of the Death Run and ramp heading up to the Low Deck, it's well defended by Nod and you will die if you go alone. Also, don't overlook the ability to rearm in the Barracks before heading to the High Deck. Most importantly, don't under-estimate ceiling guns!
Author: Austin BuBbJones Marron
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Updated: 12 October 2002 - 21:07

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