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C&C City Complex Author: GC_{trakal}
C&C City Complex screen shot There are two versions of this map, the normal version (no flying vehicles) and the flying version. In order to promote teamwork on both sides, the base defenses have been doubled, the Obelisk will fire out two blasts at a time and the AGT will fire at double the rate.
C&C Bunkers Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Bunkers screen shot Description: Another missing Westwood Studios map for Renegade. Numerous bunkers adorn the cliff tops. The bases are easily stormed without a good defense. GDI has a single controllable Guard Tower behind the Advanced Guard Tower and Nod has a single controllable Turret in front of the Obelisk of Light.
C&C Terrace Author: Titan1X77
C&C Terrace screen shot Setting: Tiberian Sun style map

Description: Tiberian sun roads,homes,cliffs,vehicle tunnels and water.Base defenses,new humtow with machine gun(gdi),Recon bike(nod),and enhanced flying vehicles.

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