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C&C Skirmish Author: Matt Staly
C&C Skirmish screen shot Description by author: - Ok, I converted this map to C&C. Pretty much all I did since many people like this map and dislike having to host a game (you know how annoying it is to host mission maps).

Cliff Hangers Version 1 Author: (not specified)
Cliff Hangers Version 1 screen shot Its ment to be infantry only, but for spice the author has added buggie and humvee spawners, 4 nod bikes (2 for each side), and a hiddin light tank...also, the moutned Weapons are spawned to, so kill then they regenerate back... Money will come from kills or if the host allows it.This Map was originally created by Tecko|Joey|Joseph
C&C Ravine Author: AllGusto
C&C Ravine screen shot Description: C&C Mode map in a dark ambient, set in a rainy morning. Map without base defenses to make you defend it by yourself. Watch tunnels for enemy units.

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