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Drop Off Final Author: Shadowau85
Drop Off Final screen shot Updated Version of Drop Off: - This is another Nod Airstrip Dropoff. It drops off A.I. 2 black-hands one has a laser rifle and the other has a ramjet rifle.. they get dropped off via a rope they slide down it, then land, they dissappear for a second then reappear really quickly, it also has 2 nod chinooks fly past then land drop off either a nod rocket soldier officer or a
nod officer with a laser chaingun. It also gives you every weapon. Read the readme file to find out how to change around
all of the bots to suit your needs(choose who u want to appear, for example Mendoza, Mobius even Kane).
Co-op Mod Author: linar Dark-Ninja savion
Co-op Mod screen shot Single player
C&C Haunted House Author: Justin Pereira
C&C Haunted House screen shot Haunted house revolves around an until-now secret underground tiberium research facility that was masked to look like a private mansion. A large cache of weapons and research equipment including tiberium containment devices are rumoured to be inside. One GDI special forces group has been lost in the attempted entry and inspection of the facility. A second group of due to arrive soon. There are many player starts and weapon spawners in the facility, and radios can be used to call in reinforcements (Purchase Terminals). Health and armor powerups, as well as the fabled Tiberios cereal are also available.

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