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Hitman's Beta 1 WW3 Author: (not specified)
Hitman's Beta 1 WW3 screen shot Complex map with additional features i.e. gun emplacements and aircraft.
C&C SunFusion V1.1 Author: Rundll_XP
C&C SunFusion V1.1  screen shot New Renegade Map with repair bays, celling guns, Base defences, 1 back entrance, 2 vehicle tunnels into the bases, many tactical points (for example sniper cabins, many weapon spawners.

V1.1: fixed some bugs

Screenshoots at the homepage!
C&C Metro Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Metro screen shot A map set at night in a crowded urban city. Tiberium sewage flows through the ditches and a Tiberium impact area in the city provides the GDI and Nod forces with a place to harvest raw Tiberium. Look out underground in the Tiberium sewage tunnels and make sure not to fall into the ditches, as Tiberium sewage kills instantly. The tunnels are located by the vehicle production structures, they are disguised.

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