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Killerrk2's Random Drop Mod Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Random Drop Mod screen shot Every once in a while you will get another tank or soldier dropped on to the nod airstrip. Check the readme file for a detailed list.
C&C Pipefight Evolved Author: o0Commander0o
C&C Pipefight Evolved screen shot Well the War raged on, GDI vs NOD (lmfao sorry had to). The war had moved to a different location, this time with more cover, and more defense. But while the war was raging one relized the tiberium they were harvesting was in the most pure form...increasing the tiberium value greatly. This may seem good...but since the tiberium refinerys were ment to hold low level tiberium....the refinerys have burst into flames! The Alarms have been sounded...and now this war has become a battle for the tiberium which lays in the center!

Some sniper rifles have been dropped in the forest areas....along with some crates containing ammo. Use them wisely.....
Carnage V 1.0 Author: Skint
Carnage V 1.0 screen shot A smallish, Quake-esque Infantry only team deathmatch map. (note the term "-esque" from the french term "wannabe"). You can upgrade characters at the Vending Machines on the central platform. No Tiberium Refinery so you earn credits by kills only - Prices have been drastically reduced to compensate and keep it fun. Various Powerups scattered around, be sure to leave weapon spawns on for this one. Consider it a great way to brush up on your infantry tactics.

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