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Eglin AFB Author: Aircraftkiller
Eglin AFB screen shot Description: Welcome to Eglin AFB. This is the largest Air Force Base in the free world today. It's over 220 square miles in size, but since I can't make it that large in Renegade, it's considerably smaller. You will be fighting on the flight line area only. Trust me, though, it is LARGE.
GDI Expressions Author: Renegadezone
GDI Expressions screen shot Light hearted skins for GDI vehicles. Facial expressions for the Humvee, APC, MRLS, Medium Tank, Harvester and Transport Helicopter.
Snipekirbs Skinpack Author: Snipekirb
Snipekirbs Skinpack screen shot Skinpack includes nod sniper thats blue and neon, nuke thats multi colored and sakura with shades.


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