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SSM Launcher Mod Author: killerrk2
SSM Launcher Mod screen shot This mod (drop of to nod airstrip) changes whatever tank you buy to a SSM Launcher, even the harvy so make sure you have plenty of cash before you play.
Tiberian Evolution X8 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution  X8 screen shot New in this version:
-fixed up paratroop beacons; soldiers now dropped off by chinooks and stronger soldiers are dropped off
-completely redid warzone and desert storm
-added commcenter, temple of nod, and conyards to warzone
-added music from Tiberium Dawn to all maps
-fixed various balance issues
-new repair bays
-made all infantry rockets homing
-added new map: trenches
-grenadier now has time delayed bouncy grenades
-and more...
1st assault mod beta 2.0 Author: hojo62
1st assault mod beta 2.0 screen shot Description: A "sequel" to the first mod (1st assault mod). This one drops off every nod ground unit on the airstrip at the begining of the game.

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