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Tiberian Evolution X10 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X10 screen shot New in this version:
-added gattlingTank
-fixed various balance issues
-commando now has 3 timed c4 and no remote c4
-gizmo repair gun now has a red dismantle beam as the secondary fire
-Hover MRLS takes place of old MRLS
-added Mobile Ion Cannon(MIC) tank
-new maps: C&C_Tiberium_Canyon and C&C_Stormy_Valley
-destryoable bridges in Tiberium_Canyon
-PT icons for all new tanks
-added Plague Tank
-added health and armour powerup to crate rotation
-in TDM_Basematch you knbow spawn as a random character
1st assault mod beta 2.0 Author: hojo62
1st assault mod beta 2.0 screen shot Description: A "sequel" to the first mod (1st assault mod). This one drops off every nod ground unit on the airstrip at the begining of the game.
C&C Antarctica Author: AllGusto
C&C Antarctica screen shot Description: A completely new infantry Deathmatch map in a snow scenario. Weapon spawns everywhere, enemies appear behind every three. Features GDI Power Plant, GDI Helipad and the GDI Guard Tower.

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