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C&C Overlook Author: Stackout & Infinint
C&C Overlook screen shot UPDATED VERSION: Airstrip fixed, More Weapon Spawners, Sam Sites added for Nod, More Little Guard Towers added for GDI, More Trees, PT's Fixed, More Extras Vehicles (Recon bikes, SSM Launchers, Hover craft, Charmelon for GDI, Cargo Truck etc).

New map with 4 sniping towers spread accross the land, 4 nod turrets on the other side for one reason its easy to infiltrate the nod base, so extra turrets have been added so its not that easy to do it now, there is a tunnel going from one base to another. A river in between the bases, the bases are behind walls that can't Be found.
Tiberian Evolution X4 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X4 screen shot Note: This was formerly the DaeMoNic MoD but the name has changed. Fixes & Improvements: New units (mostly in the extras menu), air roof fixed, new infantry untis in the extras menu, working helipads & reapair pads, new secondary fire for flame tank, new map (Trenches), added Eqvaliser's Sniper City Maps, can now exit A10, and Nod Bomber, added new rmaps
C&C Snipers Revenge 2 Author: Captkurt1
C&C Snipers Revenge 2 screen shot Description: This is a fast paced Sniper map or full-blown war, with an unlimited array of places to hide and plenty of sky bridges and tunnels, some with ladders to snipe from. It even has some underground buildings, made by WW. There are lots of goodies lying around to pick up in and around the mountains, Health, and armor. Theres really a lot of places to go and hide, snipe, shoot, and run a muck from too. There's even AI in this map. each base has two. One Sniper, and one that can change on each re-birth.

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