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C&C Snipers Revenge 2 Author: Captkurt1
C&C Snipers Revenge 2 screen shot Description: This is a fast paced Sniper map or full-blown war, with an unlimited array of places to hide and plenty of sky bridges and tunnels, some with ladders to snipe from. It even has some underground buildings, made by WW. There are lots of goodies lying around to pick up in and around the mountains, Health, and armor. Theres really a lot of places to go and hide, snipe, shoot, and run a muck from too. There's even AI in this map. each base has two. One Sniper, and one that can change on each re-birth.
C&C Tropics Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Tropics screen shot Description: This is a regular C&C mode map. This small island off of the Bahamas is being battered by tropical storm Gordon. Heavy winds and rain have been reported and the island has been long since evacuated. A Tiberium meteor has slammed into one of the mountain ridges and is spreading the so-called plant further across the globe. The Tiberium Silos that have been added to the map give you one extra credit per second, so you receive three a second if the Tiberium Silo is still active in your base.
sgtnikki's mod pack Author: sgtnikki
sgtnikki's mod pack screen shot Several nod airstrip drop off mods included in this pack.

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