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C&C City Complex Author: GC_{trakal}
C&C City Complex screen shot There are two versions of this map, the normal version (no flying vehicles) and the flying version. In order to promote teamwork on both sides, the base defenses have been doubled, the Obelisk will fire out two blasts at a time and the AGT will fire at double the rate.
C&C Kanes Castle Author: Titan1X77
C&C Kanes Castle screen shot Setting: Kanes Estate
Description: Infantry Only map,in Kanes Estates..GDI has set up in the greenhouse behind the mansion...they must invade Kanes control room and shut down the HON MCT...Nod can also shut take out GDI by shutting down the barracks MCT set up in the greenhouse.Plenty of spawns,keycards,and powerups through out the entire map.
Killerrk2's Dropmod Special Number 2 Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Dropmod Special Number 2 screen shot Here's a list of the soldiers this mod drops on the airstrip:
laserrifle 2, laserchaingun 2, voltautorifle 2, Ramjet 2 & Chaingun 2

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