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Tiberian Evolution X10 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X10 screen shot New in this version:
-added gattlingTank
-fixed various balance issues
-commando now has 3 timed c4 and no remote c4
-gizmo repair gun now has a red dismantle beam as the secondary fire
-Hover MRLS takes place of old MRLS
-added Mobile Ion Cannon(MIC) tank
-new maps: C&C_Tiberium_Canyon and C&C_Stormy_Valley
-destryoable bridges in Tiberium_Canyon
-PT icons for all new tanks
-added Plague Tank
-added health and armour powerup to crate rotation
-in TDM_Basematch you knbow spawn as a random character
C&C Mines Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Mines screen shot Another missing Westwood Studios map for Renegade. Features Tiberium Silos which give you one credit a second in addition to the Tiberium Refinery's two credits a second, giving you three per second. Repair Facilities are installed in the map as well. The underground Tiberium mines should provide a nice area to fight, and the civilian mining town above ground is perfect for infantry and vehicular combat.
C&C Overlook Author: Stackout & Infinint
C&C Overlook screen shot UPDATED VERSION: Airstrip fixed, More Weapon Spawners, Sam Sites added for Nod, More Little Guard Towers added for GDI, More Trees, PT's Fixed, More Extras Vehicles (Recon bikes, SSM Launchers, Hover craft, Charmelon for GDI, Cargo Truck etc).

New map with 4 sniping towers spread accross the land, 4 nod turrets on the other side for one reason its easy to infiltrate the nod base, so extra turrets have been added so its not that easy to do it now, there is a tunnel going from one base to another. A river in between the bases, the bases are behind walls that can't Be found.

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