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Elite Objects V2 Author: sgtnikki
Elite Objects V2 screen shot UPDATED VERSION: This mod contains new characters to buy new tanks,and new purchase spots for mod "gdi wepons factory" such as ssm,recon,nod truck,nun,priest,lab tech and much more
C&C Tiberium Pit 3 Author: Titan1X77
C&C Tiberium Pit 3 screen shot Teleporters take you out to old running silo's still storing tiberium from years ago...bases have been revamped and and GDI has countered nod's recons with one of their own...although it's not as fast ,it has more armor then it's counterpart.Silo's give an extra credit per second and is important to have those extra credits,due to raised prices in aircraft(increase in health/armor)
C&C Skirmish Author: Matt Staly
C&C Skirmish screen shot Description by author: - Ok, I converted this map to C&C. Pretty much all I did since many people like this map and dislike having to host a game (you know how annoying it is to host mission maps).


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