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EKT Fan Maps Server

Thanks for Goku, the Elite Kamikaze Team (EKT) now runs a mod server in association with Renegade Zone using the maps within Renegade Zone Map Pack 1.

Look for the [WolSpy] EKT Fan Maps server in GameSpy and be sure to visit the EKT website at www.elitekamikazeteam.com.

Download Map Pack 1 (includes all of the maps below)
The Map Pack 1 is just one zip file containing all the maps playing on the cncfiles.com server listed below. This zip file is 30.9(MB).

C&C Caverns
Author: Havoc298374
A completely underground map with a large lake in the center which you can walk through and a waterfall, has defenses and flying units.

C&C Fortress 2
Author: Galdrog
This is a large mountain map. Whats special about this map is that both the bases are surrounded by high walls. Which can be walked along. The entrance in the wall is guarded by two towers which units can occupy to defend the base. Apart from that the map also has a few caves if you like close combat.

C&C Hangmans Canyon
Author: Beach Head (Ingrownlip)
Sandy canyon terrain with plenty of tunnels and bridges to explore. Ideal for snipers to sit out in the sun.

C&C Metro
Author: Aircraftkiller
A map set at night in a crowded urban city. Tiberium sewage flows through the ditches and a Tiberium impact area in the city provides the GDI and Nod forces with a place to harvest raw Tiberium. Look out underground in the Tiberium sewage tunnels and make sure not to fall into the ditches, as Tiberium sewage kills instantly. The tunnels are located by the vehicle production structures. They are disguised.

C&C Mines
Author: Aircraftkiller:
Another missing Westwood Studios map for Renegade. Features Tiberium Silos which give you one credit a second in addition to the Tiberium Refinery's two credits a second, giving you three per second. Repair Facilities are installed in the map as well. The underground Tiberium mines should provide a nice area to fight, and the civilian mining town above ground is perfect for infantry and vehicular combat.

C&C River Canyon
Author: Aircraftkiller
Description: Aircraftkiller - "I've been working on this for about a month... Remembered the Canyon Chase video from Tiberian Dawn, so I recreated it in Renegade with a theme inspired by Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere".

C&C River Raid
Author: Aircraftkiller
Description: Take Complex and Islands, put them together, and you've got a fast paced, action packed map. That's River Raid.

C&C Tiberium Temple
Author: Magic013
A non flying map, no Guard Tower/Obelisk but take care in the tunnels!

C&C Toy Box
Author: Skullremover
A different map where you play as toy soldiers in a toy box! ABC blocks and other giant toys are included in the terrain.

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