Carnage V 2.0

carnage_v2[1] screen shot
This includes Round 1 (carnage V 1.0) and Round 2: In round 2 you move into the Carnage Cityscape arena. Basically a mock up of a city block designed with team deathmatch play in mind. Once again, money is earned through kills, you can upgrade your characters at the vending machines(red ones for Nod, yellow ones for GDI.) Unit prices are the same as in round 1. Roof access by way of two tower-like stairwells on opposite ends of the map. You can also try climbing the crates and using the ladders although there is much more risk involved.
Author: Skint
Filename: carnage_v2[1]  (10.4 MB)
Updated: 16 November 2002 - 20:14

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