Drop Off Final

DropOffFINAL.zip screen shot
Updated Version of Drop Off: - This is another Nod Airstrip Dropoff. It drops off A.I. 2 black-hands one has a laser rifle and the other has a ramjet rifle.. they get dropped off via a rope they slide down it, then land, they dissappear for a second then reappear really quickly, it also has 2 nod chinooks fly past then land drop off either a nod rocket soldier officer or a
nod officer with a laser chaingun. It also gives you every weapon. Read the readme file to find out how to change around
all of the bots to suit your needs(choose who u want to appear, for example Mendoza, Mobius even Kane).
Author: Shadowau85
Filename: DropOffFINAL.zip  (4 KB)
Updated: 27 April 2003 - 10:20

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