C&C Snipers Revenge

C&C_Snipers-Revenge.zip screen shot
Theatre: Winding Canyon

Description: This map was intended to be tough, but fun. It was built for a large number of players, each pt has 4 spawners etc. Not an easy, slide-by map either, So get your hardhat, smart wits, and gear; you might also want to get a rope to climb the mountains and maybe a flash-light and plenty of ammo. You'll have sky bridges to cross, and tunnels to burrow through, but you may have some help using elevators if you're lucky. Watch out for the hidden dangers too, some but not all things to watch out for are the Sam sites, turrets, and more, there's a little surprise around many corners.
Author: Captkurt1
Filename: C&C_Snipers-Revenge.zip  (9 MB)
Updated: 12 July 2003 - 15:42

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