C&C Overlook

C&C_Overlook.zip screen shot
UPDATED VERSION: Airstrip fixed, More Weapon Spawners, Sam Sites added for Nod, More Little Guard Towers added for GDI, More Trees, PT's Fixed, More Extras Vehicles (Recon bikes, SSM Launchers, Hover craft, Charmelon for GDI, Cargo Truck etc).

New map with 4 sniping towers spread accross the land, 4 nod turrets on the other side for one reason its easy to infiltrate the nod base, so extra turrets have been added so its not that easy to do it now, there is a tunnel going from one base to another. A river in between the bases, the bases are behind walls that can't Be found.
Author: Stackout & Infinint
Filename: C&C_Overlook.zip  (1.56 MB)
Updated: 16 August 2003 - 10:52

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