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SA City Author: (not specified)
SA City screen shot
SAG Beta 1.7 Author: psg243246
SAG Beta 1.7 screen shot This is beta test v1.7 of SAG
There are some known bugs:

1. the gunboats are hard to use

2. some graphics bugs
Sakura Shades Author: Snipekirb
Sakura Shades screen shot Skin for Sakura
Sand storm Author: Hitman021
Sand storm screen shot Sand storm mod
Secret Valley Author: Major1mat
Secret Valley screen shot This is a deathmatch and if you want, a roleplay map. Plenty of things to destroy. his map even has its own duel arena if you need to settle the score with someone.
sgtnikki's mod pack Author: sgtnikki
sgtnikki's mod pack screen shot Several nod airstrip drop off mods included in this pack.
sgtnikki's scorpion mod Author: sgtnikki
sgtnikki's scorpion mod screen shot This mod has new pictures inside the purchase terminals, new characters: prisoner's gdi military police,nod gets the mutant visceroid, hologram kane only vehicles are cham battle car...
Single Player Level Maps Author: Westwood
Single Player Level Maps screen shot Single player level maps for Renegade.
Skarekrow's C4 Countdown Author: Skarekrow
Skarekrow's C4 Countdown screen shot This is a mix version of Blazer's countdown mod for C4 and beacon. It has a voice fading in...25...20...15...10,9,8,7..etc and when it hits 0 you detonate your C4 right on, and KKKKKRRR bye bye whatever u just blew up.

Sn1per04´s Mods Author: Sn1per04
Sn1per04´s Mods screen shot Selection of skins
Snipekirbs Skinpack Author: Snipekirb
Snipekirbs Skinpack screen shot Skinpack includes nod sniper thats blue and neon, nuke thats multi colored and sakura with shades.

Sniper Arena Author: Eqvaliser
Sniper Arena screen shot Updates from last version: whats fixed so far v1.4
-textures on ramps, and barriers
-Repair tank (new model)
-New Apc
-Hole in ground left of GDI base (labyrinth)
-Factory complex texture (City)
-Speed bumps (labyrinth)
-Remove Death match objects from city
-mountain sniper top (jungle)
-Prices on havoc/sakura
-Obelisk (backward) protection on Nodbase (labyrinth)
Sniper Wars Author: Golden Gun
Sniper Wars screen shot Description- This is an all out sniper frag fest! All vehicles have been disabled save for your trusty orca/apache transports now packing repair guns; as there are no engineers in this mod. Try and rack up as many points as you can to win!
SSM Launcher Mod Author: killerrk2
SSM Launcher Mod screen shot This mod (drop of to nod airstrip) changes whatever tank you buy to a SSM Launcher, even the harvy so make sure you have plenty of cash before you play.
Star Nuke Author: (not specified)
Star Nuke screen shot Neuer Nuke Skin da sehen die GDI´s Sternchen. lol
Hab auch ein Bild dazu :-)
Stealth Tank Mod Author: killerrk2
Stealth Tank Mod screen shot This mod drops a Stealth tank in the single player first level.
Stunt Park Beta 02 Author: (not specified)
Stunt Park Beta 02 screen shot Want to try your hand a stunt driving? then this is the mod for you. It is good fun and a laugh.
Stunt Park Ultimate V2 Author: Punyworm
Stunt Park Ultimate V2 screen shot Test your skills on Stunt Park Ultimate with two maps available, one you can use a NOD buggy the other a Recon bike to try different stunts. Beware these vehicles are speedy and not easy to control.
Sure Shot Author: Skint
Sure Shot screen shot Features: "Super Soldier" Snipers, this is what you spawn as. They can jump higher, levitate briefly, breathe underwater and take no damage when falling from great heights. Purchase terminals will only allow for refill of the sniper character. With weapon spawns off, it's sniper rifles only. Leave 'em on for a MAD team deathmatch. Three maps included, rounds 2&3 have sniper sedan spawns near the starting positions.
SUSR All weapons in single player Author: Stackout
SUSR All weapons in single player screen shot Description:
On the 1st mission there is a stealth tank dropped off and it will start shooting its own People hurry up and get in the tank you will only grab a few of the weapons in the tank you need to get out and grab the rest of them.
SUSR Flame Tank Author: Stackout
SUSR Flame Tank screen shot SUSR skin for the flame tank
SUSR Hotwire Author: Stackout
SUSR Hotwire screen shot Skin for Hotwire
SUSR Infintry Wars Author: Stackout
SUSR Infintry Wars screen shot Description: This is a infintry war map where there is only an Barracks and a Hand of Nod the 2 teams battle together to earn credits that are very rare in this region. Try to attack the other buildings and destroy them if possible. This map best starts out with 350 or 700 Credits. If you start out with 0 it will be so hard to kill each other.
SUSR Infintry Wars - Alpha Version Author: Stackout
SUSR Infintry Wars - Alpha Version screen shot This is the Alpha Version of SUSR_Infintry_wars_Beta. Its has got spawning points, bullet Proff glass on the hand of nod, and tons of other glass to break. There is no Refinary but there are controllers to make you gain money faster than just having to kill people etc.
SUSR Nod Soldier Author: Stackout
SUSR Nod Soldier screen shot SUSR skin for a NOD Soldier
SUSR Orca Author: Stackout
SUSR Orca screen shot SUSR skin for an Orca
SUSR Sakura Author: Darkblade
SUSR Sakura screen shot Skin for Sakura
SUSR Sniper Pack Author: Zer0_k3lw
SUSR Sniper Pack screen shot SUSR sniper skin
SUSR Sydney Author: Stackout
SUSR Sydney screen shot SUSR skin for Sydney

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