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Eastbeach Bots Author: Eastbeach
Eastbeach Bots screen shot Authors description: - This mod will drop a couple of bots now there the kind that shoot move and there not gdi there nod good good bots Weapons they have: Laser chaingun, Voltautorifle, Chaingun, Ramjet rifle and more. Dont build to many vehicles or it`ll lag with all the bots.
Eglin AFB Author: Aircraftkiller
Eglin AFB screen shot Description: Welcome to Eglin AFB. This is the largest Air Force Base in the free world today. It's over 220 square miles in size, but since I can't make it that large in Renegade, it's considerably smaller. You will be fighting on the flight line area only. Trust me, though, it is LARGE.
Elite Objects V2 Author: sgtnikki
Elite Objects V2 screen shot UPDATED VERSION: This mod contains new characters to buy new tanks,and new purchase spots for mod "gdi wepons factory" such as ssm,recon,nod truck,nun,priest,lab tech and much more
Eruption Author: ZonePK & PHTHONESS
Eruption screen shot A local volcano has just erupted causing mass destruction to the nearby area. The river that once seperated the Nod and GDI base has now turned to moltern rock (LAVA) and is the only way to each of the bases without air support. Unfortunately due to the volcanic ash no aircraft can fly in the area, so dont expect an evac soon! Only one will survive; Nod or GDI......
Experimental Mutant cyborg mod (PKG File) Author: joe kelley
Experimental Mutant cyborg mod (PKG File) screen shot No vehicles, there is 1 neutral beacon in each base, THEY ARE THE PT'S (in canyon they are hidden behind the crate pile)

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