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Imbsua Isles Author: Xneog1
Imbsua Isles screen shot Battle takes place in the middle of a Tiberium Contaminated Ocean. Bases Located on Islands connected by a hanging bridge, with tunnel access to each base as well Offshore Helipads provide a semi safe haven for snipers, as well as a place to repair chopper(If you have an engineer with you). No Crazy Mods.
Promotes teamwork and makes tank rushes a bit more challenging, may force some new tactics.
Incredible Hulk Author: chickenx5
Incredible Hulk screen shot This is an extras skin for Logan the sniper, the face is a glowing green and the eyes are a misty green.

Infantry Warz Mod Author: Doomhound
Infantry Warz Mod screen shot Want something totally different then this is it, a brightly coloured map with no bases to worry about. This is purely an infantry battle with spawned weapons.
INI Files Author: (unknown)
INI Files screen shot INI files extracted from Renegade.
Invisible Buggy Author: darkskul0
Invisible Buggy screen shot Nod airstrip drop off - Invisible Nod Buggy, don't forget where you parked it!
Ir0n Fi5t's Mod Author: Ir0n_Fi5ts
Ir0n Fi5t's Mod screen shot This mod adds a few controllable features to C&C_Islands,
the mod is not completely finished, so more things may be added.
Islands to Deathmatch Author: killerrk2
Islands to Deathmatch screen shot Transforms the C&C Islands map in to a deathmatch game using one of the single player levels. Weapons are spawned.

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