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New Vehicles v01 Author: (not specified)
New Vehicles v01 screen shot Normal maps with extra vehicles. GDI - Repair Tank and Mobile Ion Beacon. NOD - Recon Bike and Demolition Truck
Nod Assalt Author: Razorblade001
Nod Assalt screen shot First mod by this author, there are some texture problems. Care this is a .pkg file these can cause problems with other mods so it is always best to remove from your data folder when you are not playing this mod.
Nod Black Tanks Author: Havoc
Nod Black Tanks screen shot Changes NOD tanks to black
Nod Bot Mod Author: killerrk2
Nod Bot Mod screen shot This is a bot mod it will drop off 1 mendoza with a voltautorifle, 1 nod officer with a laserchaingun and a black hand with a laserrifle every 10 seconds to the nod airstrip.
Nod Campaign Author: GidionTheDead
Nod Campaign screen shot This is a (quasi) single player Nod campaign. Destroy the base to win. Try to accomplish this feat with a single life! (If you want to 'test' the base, just start it with LAN. The GDI base is fully functional.)
Nod Campaign 2 Author: GidionTheDead
Nod Campaign 2 screen shot Version 2 - added PCTs, spawners, and some bots. C&C_Beach and C&C_Base maps included.
NOD Chinook Transport Chopper Flying Mod Author: (not specified)
NOD Chinook Transport Chopper Flying Mod screen shot Now, thanks to Shaun of Planetshaun, you get to fly an NOD Chinook Transport Helicopter in the first level of the single player missions!
Nod Expressions Author: Renegadezone
Nod Expressions screen shot Light hearted skins for NOD vehicles. Facial expressions for the Buggy, APC, Artillery, Flame Tank, Light Tank, Harvester and Transport Helicopter.
Nod History v1.2 Author: (not specified)
Nod History v1.2 screen shot This is only a beta (v1.2), but it should be a good example of what is to come, you can get in the nod turrets, though they are not very great. I have placed two Commache's at the Nod base, you can get in them. The Nod Trucks, which you can also get in to, are armed with a rail gun. It uses the Hourglass map. Two Cannon Emplacements have also been added, along with a SAM Site on top of the Air Tower
Nod Load Screen Author: (not specified)
Nod Load Screen screen shot Different NOD load screens
Nod Reinforcements Mod Author: stealth
Nod Reinforcements Mod screen shot This mod drops some vehicles on the Nod AirStrip the Flame Tank, Buggy and Recon Bike.
Nod Sniper Bots Author: milkylep
Nod Sniper Bots screen shot Nod airstrip drop off - drops 1 raveshaw and 1 sakura
also drops sum armour and health.
Nod Stunt Park Author: Antex01
Nod Stunt Park screen shot This is a really fun map with lots of ramps and fast vehicles. This is a whole lot different than Deadly Stunt Park. Theres PT's for both teams, lots of vehicles and stuff to do. Great map for taking screen shots of cool stuff.
Nuke Beam's Visceroid Mod Author: (not specified)
Nuke Beam's Visceroid Mod screen shot Now you can shoot Visceroids in the game. A little buggy in multiplayer, but works alright in singleplayer mode. Please read the readme file for more detail. This is safe

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