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A Helping Hand Author: bisen11
A Helping Hand screen shot Airstip drop off - It gives nod a black hand sniper with a chain gun and gives nod lots of armour powerups and almost all the guns.
Above Author: (not specified)
Above screen shot Both bases are underground, no guard tower or obelisk and access is via large tunnels. Don't get caught out by the huge pit as there is no way out alive.
Adrenaline Expansion Author: AllGusto
Adrenaline Expansion screen shot Adrenaline Expansion Pack is a new Mod for Renegade wich expands all multiplayer maps with new units, weapons, vehicles and structures.

Afganistan Author: Sgtmay
Afganistan screen shot a very great !!! nice map of Afganistan, without new stuff (without a mod...) but i think its nice :)
Apache Flying Mod Author: (not specified)
Apache Flying Mod screen shot Now, thanks to Shaun of Planetshaun, you get to fly an Apache Strike Helicopter in the first level of the single player missions! Just extract the file to your renegade/data directory.
Artic War Author: Bulldog1448
Artic War screen shot It's in the mid war crisis between Nod and GDI. The Fall has past and it has turned into dark winter. A blizzard has acured and both teams has tried to conquer the other but all failed with the brutal winter. Dr. Mobius has found out that freezing temperatures cause the tiberian to not harm any unit form. So it is you and your teams mission to conquer the enemy to get a lead attack on the next assault. That would be JungleWars. Coming Soon....
Attack of the Visceroids Author: bisen11
Attack of the Visceroids screen shot Drops visceroids on to the NOD airstrip, they follow you around but watch out as they are deadly!

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