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Matts Nod Soldier Bots Author: Matt2405
Matts Nod Soldier Bots screen shot This is a mod that contains nearly all the bots on the game,
and you can choose which one you want to, this contains about 11 different drop mods.
Matts Nod Tank Bots Author: Matt2405
Matts Nod Tank Bots screen shot This is a wide collection of AI controlled vehicles. They follow you and shoot the enemy, this mod gives you the vehicles you desire.
Maze Author: (not specified)
Maze screen shot Non flying small map, if you can find your way through the maze then you will come accross the enemy base.
Missle Alert Load Screen Author: sgtnikki
Missle Alert Load Screen screen shot New load screen for Renegade
Mobius Mod Author: killerrk2
Mobius Mod screen shot This mod will give you another soldier in the single player first level, he is Mobius.
MP Cycle Mod V7 Author: (not specified)
MP Cycle Mod V7 screen shot
Multi-Weapon Recon Author: Sn1per74
Multi-Weapon Recon screen shot Nod Airstrip drop off, Recon Bike with 10 different weapons.
Mutant Frenzy Beta 1.0a Author: Tempest_of_Flame
Mutant Frenzy Beta 1.0a screen shot
This mod adds two new characters to GDI: A Juggernaut with a handheld artilery cannon and a Scout with a light tiberium based weapon. The scout and juggernaut are alternatives to the minigun officer and rocket officer. This mod was made to balance the gameplay because lets be honest, NOD is too powerful with thier flame tanks.
Mutant isle Author: (not specified)
Mutant isle screen shot
Mutant Load Screen Author: sgtnikki
Mutant Load Screen screen shot New load screen for Renegade
MVP Lvls Author: (not specified)
MVP Lvls screen shot

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