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Vehicle Change Author: bisen11
Vehicle Change screen shot This mod switches the nod and gdi vehicles with each other. So Gdi can buy nod vehicles and nod can buy gdi vehicles. The air and extra vehicles are still the same though. And be careful because of when the vehicles come out of the wf/strip they can run you over.
Vehicles Author: Westwood
Vehicles screen shot Vehicle files for Renegade.
Viperxp23's Fast Rav. Bed Mod Author: Viperxp23
Viperxp23's Fast Rav. Bed Mod screen shot Drops a driveable bed to the Nod airstrip - different!
Viperxp23's Flying Toilet Mod Author: Viperxp23
Viperxp23's Flying Toilet Mod screen shot Yet another Nod airstrip drop but I guess this is a bit different - A flying toilet! you have to see it to believe it.
Visceroid Invasion Author: (not specified)
Visceroid Invasion screen shot This mod Adds Visceroid to the game, use the extras function to get the characters.

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