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Paintball Author: Snipe0187
Paintball screen shot The name says it all.
Parachute Drop Author: Dark_Force9999
Parachute Drop screen shot Nod Parachute Drop - After your vehicle is purchased, one by one bots will drop with a parachute
Patched, Closer Buggy Author: darkskul0
Patched, Closer Buggy screen shot Skin for Nod Buggy
Price Team Deathmatch mod Author: (not specified)
Price Team Deathmatch mod screen shot There is currently two maps in this beta, TDM_CloseCombat and TDM_IslandHoppers. TDM_CloseCombat is based on tutorial map of Renegade, below is some features of it.
Remember, this is TEAM DEATHMATCH mod, it wont include vehicles (well yes there is some, but they wont respawn),that
makes fighting more tactical, weapons will respawn and there is plenty of them in both maps, fighting gets even more tactical if someone heals wounded team mates with repair gun, they can be found in easy places.
Proudys Humvee Author: Proudy
Proudys Humvee screen shot This humvee is Proudy's first renegade skin it's very nice with alloy wheels and blue camo. It has no rear lights however it has front lights which are on in the grill and look nice on a night city map.
Proudys Pistol Author: Proudy
Proudys Pistol screen shot This is a skin for the pistol. It gives it a nice shiny black and yellow look.
psg rnu v2 (White Death) Author: (not specified)
psg rnu v2 (White Death) screen shot Flying map called White Death
Psyco Race Author: (not specified)
Psyco Race screen shot No bases involved, It is a sedan race between teams and the first one to place a beacon on the enemy pedestal is the winner.

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Punyworm's Buyable Bot Tanks Author: Punyworm
Punyworm's  Buyable Bot Tanks screen shot This mod will give you nod light tanks that follow you and help you! Just order a vehicle, ANY vehicle....and a helping
hand will appear on the airstrip nearby!

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