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ba gdi skin Author: (not specified)
ba gdi skin screen shot BA clan skin
ba nod skin Author: (not specified)
ba nod skin screen shot BA clan skin
Bacardi Doors Author: darkskul0
Bacardi Doors screen shot Skin for GDI and NOD doors
baselock Author: darlop
baselock screen shot This map locks all the doors on all buildings. So only if you have the right key card you can undo them. You start off with your teams keycard. But you can find other keycards hidden around the map
beachbabe Author: (not specified)
beachbabe screen shot Nice scin ;)
Bisen11's mod package #3 and 4 Author: bisen11
Bisen11's mod package #3 and 4 screen shot A selection of dropoff mods
Bisen11's Mod Package Number One Author: bisen11
Bisen11's Mod Package Number One screen shot This is just a big collection of mods. To make them work copy and paste them in your renegade data and rename them cnc_c130drop.txt. If you destroy the nod ref they will only come when you order a vehicle.
Bisen11's Mod Package Number Two Author: bisen11
Bisen11's Mod Package Number Two screen shot This is just a bunch of Different mods. To activate Copy and Paste to your Renegade Data then rename it as cnc_c130drop.txt Note you can only have one on at a time. The Apache with Rocket Emplacement makes an apache and an invincible rocket emplacement attached to the bottom of it. Ceiling guns from apache makes a bunch of ceiling guns come out of the apache. The invincible mammy is obvious. All these things come from the red part of the strip everytime something is ordered or the harvy comes.
BlazeRotate1.0 Author: Blazer
BlazeRotate1.0 screen shot This will rotate your "boink", purchase, and gameover sound with a variety of cool appropriate soundbytes from the game. Users can easily add their own sounds to the rotation.
Blazers C4 Countdown Timer Author: Blazer
Blazers C4 Countdown Timer screen shot For those who dont know, the main reason this countdown is useful is because if you put 2 remote and 1 timed c4 on an MCT (which is what a normal engineer carries), and detonate the remote C4 AT THE SAME TIME as the timed C4 explodes, it will destroy the
Blazers Countdown MOD 1.0 Author: Blazer
Blazers Countdown MOD 1.0 screen shot EVA does a countdown for when nuke/ion will detonate.
Blue Recon Bike Author: Viper
Blue Recon Bike screen shot Skin for Nod Recon Bike
Blue Skins Author: Viper
Blue Skins screen shot Skins for Nod Buggy, Nod APC and Cargo Plane, this also comes with a Buggy and APC PT icon.
Buildings Author: Westwood
Buildings screen shot Renegade building files.
Buzz Raceing Mod V4 Author: (not specified)
Buzz Raceing Mod V4 screen shot Only racing on recon bikes
BuzzMod 6.2  Author: (not specified)
BuzzMod 6.2  screen shot The usual Buzz stuff, like secret vehicles and special abilities and characters, but with more new updated stuff.

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