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Fire Buggy Author: StickMan9000
Fire Buggy screen shot Skin for Nod Buggy
Fire Recon Bike Author: Zoogly
Fire Recon Bike screen shot Makes flames on the recon bike to match the existing flame buggy skin.
Flame Tank Mod Author: killerrk2
Flame Tank Mod screen shot This mod drops a flame tank in the single player first level.
Flying Cargo Truck Author: darkskul0
Flying Cargo Truck screen shot Nod airstrip drop off - Flying Cargo Truck
Flying Hovercraft Mod Author: Harley Kitty
Flying Hovercraft Mod screen shot Fancy flying a hovercraft, tank, gun emplacements and more then this is the mod for you. Works only with flying maps it is certainly different and fun. CARE: make sure you take note of the readme file before transferring the files to your renegade data file to avoid errors or version mismatch.
Flying SSM launcher Author: darkskul0
Flying SSM launcher screen shot Nod airstrip drop off - Flying SSM Launcher
Formula Evolution V0.03 Author: Rolly|NOVA|
Formula Evolution V0.03 screen shot Racing game: There are two pit lanes one for GDI and one for NOD, each team can select cars from a choice of 3 and personnel of a driver, pit miner, pit crew or pit guard. The cars can reach a high speed and the mod has a feel of Formula 1. Well worth a try.
Frag Arena Author: lcfcfan
Frag Arena screen shot

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