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kdsnex flying Author: kdsnex
kdsnex flying screen shot Maps that now have flying enabled:
Killerak2's Base Attack Author: killerrk2
Killerak2's Base Attack screen shot This mod will replace the tutorial with a map that has weapons enemys and other stuff, it can even be used as a training course.
Killerrk2's Dropmod Special Number 1 Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Dropmod Special Number 1 screen shot Here is a list of the things this mod drops in the single player level:
Health Upgrades,Armor Upgrades, Every Weapon & Light Tank.
Killerrk2's Dropmod Special Number 2 Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Dropmod Special Number 2 screen shot Here's a list of the soldiers this mod drops on the airstrip:
laserrifle 2, laserchaingun 2, voltautorifle 2, Ramjet 2 & Chaingun 2
Killerrk2's mods Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's mods screen shot 9 mods (Numbers 2-10) in this file all are used to drop vehicles and weapons even infantry e.g. 3 recon bikes, stealth flamer and recon bike and many more.
Killerrk2's Prison Camp Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Prison Camp screen shot This mod converts C&C under to a deathmatch map using one of the single player levels.
Killerrk2's Random Drop Mod Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Random Drop Mod screen shot Every once in a while you will get another tank or soldier dropped on to the nod airstrip. Check the readme file for a detailed list.
Killerrk2's Recon Bike Mod Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Recon Bike Mod screen shot Nod Airstrip Drop: This mod drops 5 recon bikes that will drive arround you so you can use them when you vehicle gets destroyed in battle.
Killerrk2's Tutorial Invasion Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Tutorial Invasion screen shot This mod takes away the normal tutorial and replaces it with a different map and add enemy soldiers.
Kingwolf's Ultimate Mod Collection Author: (not specified)
Kingwolf's Ultimate Mod Collection screen shot Taking the best mods and putting them into one zip file can make your life alot easier. The Zavian Turret Mod, Mpcycle V6 not 7 is included, and as well as kd-snex mod.and this is a good mod

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