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C&C Antarctica Author: AllGusto
C&C Antarctica screen shot Description: A completely new infantry Deathmatch map in a snow scenario. Weapon spawns everywhere, enemies appear behind every three. Features GDI Power Plant, GDI Helipad and the GDI Guard Tower.
C&C Arena Author: Greenbean
C&C Arena screen shot This is a non flying map and in between the two bases is a big arena. Good snipering points and vehicle access to the bases via tunnels. It looks good, a nice map and well worth a try.
C&C Battlecreek Author: (not specified)
C&C Battlecreek screen shot Non-flying map with no base defences. Each base is split into two accross a river.
C&C Beach Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Beach screen shot Description: A personal creation of mine which depicts a beach I've always wanted to visit. A GDI Gunboat sits offshore and is able to be climbed into by using the ladder on the side. Press E to climb the ladder. Weapon and armour spawns are around the beach. Your main objective is to gather enough cash to place a Nuclear Strike Beacon\Ion Cannon Beacon on the pedestal in the center of the beach.
C&C Boxed In V4 Author: YSLmuffins
C&C Boxed In V4 screen shot Current version: 2.0. plze read readme file.

To download Go to Command and Conquer Ammo
C&C Bunkers Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Bunkers screen shot Description: Another missing Westwood Studios map for Renegade. Numerous bunkers adorn the cliff tops. The bases are easily stormed without a good defense. GDI has a single controllable Guard Tower behind the Advanced Guard Tower and Nod has a single controllable Turret in front of the Obelisk of Light.
C&C Caverns Author: Havoc298374
C&C Caverns screen shot A completly underground map with a large lake in the center
which you can walk through and a waterfall, has defenses
and flying units.
C&C Caves V2.2 Author: YSLmuffins
C&C Caves V2.2 screen shot A relatively large map with two distinct areas - an infantry only cave and a large, open Tiberium field for tank battles. This map allows the creation of flying vehicles. Bases are enclosed in giant caves with tunnels that lead to the infantry cave and a mouth that leads to the tank areas. Also note that somewhere on the map there is a secret cache of weaponry. This area was previously dominated by Nod forces but GDI has recently establisted a base in the area. You must find the security cards to access the weapons cache.
C&C City Complex Author: GC_{trakal}
C&C City Complex screen shot There are two versions of this map, the normal version (no flying vehicles) and the flying version. In order to promote teamwork on both sides, the base defenses have been doubled, the Obelisk will fire out two blasts at a time and the AGT will fire at double the rate.
C&C Country Meadows V1.4 Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Country Meadows V1.4 screen shot This is a very large map based on a wide open field. With the odd hill here and there. Rekon bike is enabled and so are air vehicles. There is also the odd gun emplacement around.
C&C Dawn Patrol Author: (not specified)
C&C Dawn Patrol screen shot Flying map with both bases having defenses. Tunnels (no vehicles)take you through to the GDI refinery or NOD airstrip
C&C Desert Seige Author: (not specified)
C&C Desert Seige screen shot Large flying map, each base has defences. If you don't have vehicles then it is a long walk to the enemy base through very open desert land.
C&C External View Author: (not specified)
C&C External View screen shot This Mod gives u a trippy 1st person view, and an over the top 3rd person view
C&C Forest Trail Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Forest Trail screen shot DM map from aircraftkiller
C&C Fortress 1.1 Author: Galdrog
C&C Fortress 1.1 screen shot This is a large mountain map. Whats special about this map is that both the bases are surrounded by high walls. Which can be walked along. The entrance in the wall is guarded by two towers which units can occupy to defend the base. Apart from that the map also has a few caves if you like close combat.
C&C Garth2 Author: Garth8422
C&C Garth2 screen shot Its a Heightfield Map for Renegade Multiplayer. This is the no-bots & non flying version. a bot version will be issued soon.
C&C Hail Mary Author: Assault_Mech
C&C Hail Mary screen shot Takes place in a football stadium with goal posts, stands and a stadium roof with rain coming down only in the center. This map was based on the Red Alert 2 map by the same name. Version 2 will have ramps that have access to the stand, I would do that now, but this is my first map so do enjoy :)
C&C Hangover Author: Ferdi Willemse
C&C Hangover screen shot it a map with a big hole in the middle of it and 2 briges - one for people and one for tanks.
good for snipers.

For more information: Go to

C&C Haunted House Author: Justin Pereira
C&C Haunted House screen shot Haunted house revolves around an until-now secret underground tiberium research facility that was masked to look like a private mansion. A large cache of weapons and research equipment including tiberium containment devices are rumoured to be inside. One GDI special forces group has been lost in the attempted entry and inspection of the facility. A second group of due to arrive soon. There are many player starts and weapon spawners in the facility, and radios can be used to call in reinforcements (Purchase Terminals). Health and armor powerups, as well as the fabled Tiberios cereal are also available.
C&C High Altitude Author: Havoc298374
C&C High Altitude screen shot This non flying map is set in the mountains and neither base has a guard tower. There are several rope bridges allowing players to walk on top of the mountains and into the enemy base or use the snipering points. Also there are tunnels leading into the bases one of which is large enough for vehicles. Nice map, version 2 is due for release soon.
C&C High Noon Author: Titan1X77
C&C High Noon screen shot Setting: Noon Time
Description: Small intense map with base defenses, Gdi Recon's, Nod's Stealth recons, each team has 1 extra credit per second with a their silo. Vehicle SPECS: GDI Recon has a faster reload time and includes more armor then Nod's stealth bike which is faster then GDI's bike. MRL's have a 360 degree Turret,
Mobile ART's Turret Swings twice as fast. Stealth car's and Pickups are in the EXTRAS.
C&C High Noon 2 Author: Titan1X77
C&C High Noon 2 screen shot Completley Re-vamped version of the original

* Original Description *
Setting: Noon Time Description: Small intense map with base defenses, Gdi Recon's, Nod's Stealth recons, each team has 1 extra credit per second with a their silo. Vehicle SPECS: GDI Recon has a faster reload time and includes more armor then Nod's stealth bike which is faster then GDI's bike. MRL's have a 360 degree Turret, Mobile ART's Turret Swings twice as fast. Stealth car's and Pickups are in the EXTRAS.
C&C Hourglass Flying Author: (not specified)
C&C Hourglass Flying screen shot
C&C Improved Maps Author: (not specified)
C&C Improved Maps screen shot Its not much all it is is added emp cannons
C&C Infantry Forest Author: Eastbeach
C&C Infantry Forest screen shot Infantry only map
C&C Jungle 2 Author: Skullremover
C&C Jungle 2 screen shot A flying map set in the jungle, it is night and raining hard. Both bases have turrets, sam sites and guard towers.

To download Go to Command and Conquer Ammo
C&C Kanes Castle Author: Titan1X77
C&C Kanes Castle screen shot Setting: Kanes Estate
Description: Infantry Only map,in Kanes Estates..GDI has set up in the greenhouse behind the mansion...they must invade Kanes control room and shut down the HON MCT...Nod can also shut take out GDI by shutting down the barracks MCT set up in the greenhouse.Plenty of spawns,keycards,and powerups through out the entire map.
C&C Land Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Land screen shot Theatre: Early morning, temperate

Description: This was the first map made for Renegade, years ago.
C&C Medical Level Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Medical Level screen shot Description: This map is based upon the first 3D FPS ever made, and the first FPS I played, called System Shock. It was from 1994. I redesigned the map to fit with Renegade and have tried to keep it as true to the original as possible. The map is based on the first level of Citadel Station, the Medical Level. Look for more System Shock > Renegade maps soon!
C&C Metro Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Metro screen shot A map set at night in a crowded urban city. Tiberium sewage flows through the ditches and a Tiberium impact area in the city provides the GDI and Nod forces with a place to harvest raw Tiberium. Look out underground in the Tiberium sewage tunnels and make sure not to fall into the ditches, as Tiberium sewage kills instantly. The tunnels are located by the vehicle production structures, they are disguised.
C&C Metropolis Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Metropolis screen shot Description: A level based on the Metro\MetroTS level created a while back. It resembles it, but the level is larger and has a lot more detail. There's a mid-sized thunderstorm overhead, around 2:30 AM. Don't fall into the Tiberium waste ditches or you'll slowly die.
C&C Mines Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Mines screen shot Another missing Westwood Studios map for Renegade. Features Tiberium Silos which give you one credit a second in addition to the Tiberium Refinery's two credits a second, giving you three per second. Repair Facilities are installed in the map as well. The underground Tiberium mines should provide a nice area to fight, and the civilian mining town above ground is perfect for infantry and vehicular combat.
C&C Mountain Author: Magius del Cotto
C&C Mountain  screen shot Welcome to what is likely one of the most sniper friendly maps out to date. With just the standard infantry unit, you have access to a plethora of sniping spots, some that even allow you to snipe the entire enemy base, and when you purchase a
helicoptor, you can reach places that you may not have even dreamed of.
C&C Mox DM Author: Matt Staly
C&C Mox DM screen shot This map is meant for DeathMatch (but can be used as an RPG map if you wish). No PTs are available, but there is plentiful Armour and Health upgrades. There are also many vacant weapons from fallen soldiers scattered about.
C&C NOD Base DM Author: Matt Staly
C&C NOD Base DM screen shot A polar ice storm has knocked out the NOD power making their facilities useless. A GDI COmmando Stealth team goes in to get rid of all traces of NOD. This is how it goes...

C&C Omaha Author: bisen11
C&C Omaha screen shot Description by Bisen - This is a map with almost the same terrain as the Omaha Beach in MOH. Bots (excluding para beacons) = 15 lives. Gun Emplacements = 6 lives. Ceiling guns = 8 lives.
C&C Overlook Author: Stackout & Infinint
C&C Overlook screen shot UPDATED VERSION: Airstrip fixed, More Weapon Spawners, Sam Sites added for Nod, More Little Guard Towers added for GDI, More Trees, PT's Fixed, More Extras Vehicles (Recon bikes, SSM Launchers, Hover craft, Charmelon for GDI, Cargo Truck etc).

New map with 4 sniping towers spread accross the land, 4 nod turrets on the other side for one reason its easy to infiltrate the nod base, so extra turrets have been added so its not that easy to do it now, there is a tunnel going from one base to another. A river in between the bases, the bases are behind walls that can't Be found.
C&C Overlord Author: Austin BuBbJones Marron
C&C Overlord screen shot Overlord is just a modified version of C&C mode in which one team must assault a base and complete an objective while another team attempts to stop them. The map is geared towards the defenders allowing them to easily defend key locations and move around the entire base much faster. Attackers will find a rather detailed mission plan onboard the Aircraft Carrier they start on. Basically, get into the base and plant a beacon on the top of the "Alba Cannon". Beware of the Death Run and ramp heading up to the Low Deck, it's well defended by Nod and you will die if you go alone. Also, don't overlook the ability to rearm in the Barracks before heading to the High Deck. Most importantly, don't under-estimate ceiling guns!
C&C Pacific Author: xpontius
C&C Pacific screen shot Description: GDI has found not a major but significant source of a radioactively stronger tiberium resource. Excited by the fact that the one source is able to eat through metal, GDI officials set up camp and research centers around the tiberium, studying its effects on various things. A rare variety of tiberium it is, which has obviously caught the attention of Nod intellegence. Seeing the benefits of the tank eating substance, Nod has dispatched forces to one of the GDI research bases and taken control of it. A GDI research lab still remains abandoned under the source itself, emptied by fear of attack. It is overcast and ready to rain. Bridge that links the research bases does not allow b2b as it is too long. There are defenses in the map with 4 extra turrets on the walls.
C&C PipeFight Author: (not specified)
C&C PipeFight screen shot
C&C Pipefight Evolved Author: o0Commander0o
C&C Pipefight Evolved screen shot Well the War raged on, GDI vs NOD (lmfao sorry had to). The war had moved to a different location, this time with more cover, and more defense. But while the war was raging one relized the tiberium they were harvesting was in the most pure form...increasing the tiberium value greatly. This may seem good...but since the tiberium refinerys were ment to hold low level tiberium....the refinerys have burst into flames! The Alarms have been sounded...and now this war has become a battle for the tiberium which lays in the center!

Some sniper rifles have been dropped in the forest areas....along with some crates containing ammo. Use them wisely.....
C&C Port Rev Author: Garth8422
C&C Port Rev screen shot Its a Renegade MP map with standard AGT/OB bases buildings with ramps. Non flying. Takes place at a seaport with player accessible container cranes container ship, RTG transtainer cranes, warehouse,HLM bldg and sweet container yard. Some weapon spawners.
C&C Prison Camp DM Author: Titan1X77
C&C Prison Camp DM screen shot Setting: NOD Prison Camp
Description: A converted single player level to MP DM.A locking cell where if you die you have a chance(1/18)of being locked up,until you blow yourself up. A gdi and nod beacon ped.Tons of weapon spawns and 2 sniper towers.2 buggys and 2 humm-vees.2 Locked security doors holding armor and health upgrades.
C&C Radiation b1.0 Author: (not specified)
C&C Radiation b1.0 screen shot Website

Description: It's about two bases, seperated by several hills and mountains. There is a mountain with a GDI and a Nod purchase terminal and a good sniper position. There's also a sniper vantage point in every base only accessable by the team.
C&C Ravine Author: AllGusto
C&C Ravine screen shot Description: C&C Mode map in a dark ambient, set in a rainy morning. Map without base defenses to make you defend it by yourself. Watch tunnels for enemy units.
C&C Renegade CountDownMOD1 Author: Blazer
C&C Renegade CountDownMOD1 screen shot Countdown voice
C&C River Canyon Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C River Canyon screen shot Description: Aircraftkiller - "I've been working on this for about a month... Remembered the Canyon Chase video from Tiberian Dawn, so I recreated it in Renegade with a theme inspired by Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere".
C&C River Raid Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C River Raid screen shot Description: Take Complex and Islands, put them together, and you've got a fast paced, action packed map. That's River Raid.
C&C Ruins Author: Triforce
C&C Ruins screen shot C&C_Ruins is a multi player map set on the cost of an African
jungle. A pre-history Nod civilization once lived in the area,
and the ruins of their temples and shrines litter the map.
Also a unique feature of this map is that both base have Con
Yards with full interiors and working PCT's and MCT's. There
are many places on this map to snipe... and BE sniped, so
always take caution when moving out in the open.
C&C Sand Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Sand screen shot Description by Aircraftkiller: This is one of the unfinished maps for Renegade. Enjoy! I've put a lot of hard work into it, especially with the functional Tiberium Harvesters without a Weapons Factory\Airstrip.
C&C Secretbase V1.2 Author: Falconxl
C&C Secretbase V1.2 screen shot Nod has located a secret GDI facility on a small island in the Pacific, GDI forces responded and are attempting to stop Nod.
There are several accessable ships and vantage points, each base has strengths and weaknesses. Also a word of warning, don't get too close to the top of the Center mast on the Com dish.
C&C Siege Author: pinkbunny
C&C Siege screen shot This is a nice big map set in the mountains with many tunnels.
C&C Skirmish Author: Matt Staly
C&C Skirmish screen shot Description by author: - Ok, I converted this map to C&C. Pretty much all I did since many people like this map and dislike having to host a game (you know how annoying it is to host mission maps).

C&C Snipers Canyon Author: Captkurt1
C&C Snipers Canyon screen shot Description: Updated 05-04-03. This is a fast paced Sniper map, with an unlimited array of places to hide and at least 17 sky bridges and plenty of tunnels, some with ladders to snipe from.
C&C Snipers Revenge Author: Captkurt1
C&C Snipers Revenge screen shot Theatre: Winding Canyon

Description: This map was intended to be tough, but fun. It was built for a large number of players, each pt has 4 spawners etc. Not an easy, slide-by map either, So get your hardhat, smart wits, and gear; you might also want to get a rope to climb the mountains and maybe a flash-light and plenty of ammo. You'll have sky bridges to cross, and tunnels to burrow through, but you may have some help using elevators if you're lucky. Watch out for the hidden dangers too, some but not all things to watch out for are the Sam sites, turrets, and more, there's a little surprise around many corners.
C&C Snipers Revenge 2 Author: Captkurt1
C&C Snipers Revenge 2 screen shot Description: This is a fast paced Sniper map or full-blown war, with an unlimited array of places to hide and plenty of sky bridges and tunnels, some with ladders to snipe from. It even has some underground buildings, made by WW. There are lots of goodies lying around to pick up in and around the mountains, Health, and armor. Theres really a lot of places to go and hide, snipe, shoot, and run a muck from too. There's even AI in this map. each base has two. One Sniper, and one that can change on each re-birth.
C&C Sniping V1.3 - (PKG File) Author: PerfectH
C&C Sniping V1.3 - (PKG File) screen shot UPDATED VERSION: This mod basicly disables OBELISK, AGT, some unnecessary characters, beacons, and vehicles. However, this mod now includes 5 different levels of sniping characters, plus your standard sniper which costs nothing. Your standard sniper starts out with 50 hp and 50 ap and it increases by 50 hp and ap each level. The fifth sniper (Havoc, Sakura) which is the highest level, both are equiped with Ramjets, and they both are stealth (cloak ablilty). Only one map; c&c_field. to avoid having a huge file.
C&C Snow Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Snow screen shot Description: A level based up in a snowy mountain. A large tunnel allows vehicular access to each base. Tunnel network in the middle of the level allows infantry combat areas and quick access to the enemy base.
C&C Storage Author: o0Commander0o
C&C Storage screen shot Located in caverns in a secrect mountain....NOD has stored recon bikes to survey the deep tiberium pit that was formed 1000's of years ago...
GDI has been sent in to wipe out the NOD units defending the area, to regain control of the tiberium pit. NOD and GDI didn't have a time to set up a full scale base, but the barracks and hand of NOD have been supplied, so once will have to rely on the gun you hold...
C&C SunFusion V1.1 Author: Rundll_XP
C&C SunFusion V1.1  screen shot New Renegade Map with repair bays, celling guns, Base defences, 1 back entrance, 2 vehicle tunnels into the bases, many tactical points (for example sniper cabins, many weapon spawners.

V1.1: fixed some bugs

Screenshoots at the homepage!
C&C Sunken Author: Garth8422
C&C Sunken screen shot Non flying map: both bases are below ground level which enables you to drive above (around not over) the bases. Looks good.
C&C Terrace Author: Titan1X77
C&C Terrace screen shot Setting: Tiberian Sun style map

Description: Tiberian sun roads,homes,cliffs,vehicle tunnels and water.Base defenses,new humtow with machine gun(gdi),Recon bike(nod),and enhanced flying vehicles.
C&C The Final Conflict Author: Captkurt1
C&C The Final Conflict screen shot Theatre: Snipe Mountain
Description: This is a fast paced Sniper map or full blown war, with an unlimited array of places to hide and at least 17 sky bridges and plenty of tunnels, some with ladders to snipe
from. It even has some underground buildings. made by WW.
There are lots of goodies lying around to pick up in the and around the mountains, Health, and armor. Hope you enjoy it.
It's really a lot of places to go and hide, snipe, shoot, and run a muk from too. there's even AI in this map. each base has two. one Sniper, and one that can change on each re-birth.

This map has been amended and also changed from a pkg to a mix file.
C&C Tiberium Pit 2 Author: Titan1X77
C&C Tiberium Pit 2 screen shot Setting: a tiberium pit
Description: Interesting battle takes place where the beacon peds and the Power plants are isolated from the base.Close to being a deathmatch but you have to also defend the base too.A Stealth suit,electric bridges,special alternating weapon spwans,and stealth pick-ups and sedans(2 seated) have been added..the green tiberium is harmless on this map but,the blue will hurt ya.Plenty of sniper spots all around the map.
C&C Tiberium Pit 3 Author: Titan1X77
C&C Tiberium Pit 3 screen shot Teleporters take you out to old running silo's still storing tiberium from years ago...bases have been revamped and and GDI has countered nod's recons with one of their own...although it's not as fast ,it has more armor then it's counterpart.Silo's give an extra credit per second and is important to have those extra credits,due to raised prices in aircraft(increase in health/armor)
C&C Tiberium River Author: SEAL
C&C Tiberium River screen shot This is where the first tiberium meteor hit earth, and GDI and Nod are battling over control of the area. GDI wants to contain the whole mess and perform research, while Nod wants to use the incredibly dense tiberium chemicals to experiment and develop a new tiberium based life form. Map created by Seal with much help from Apache.
C&C Tiberium Temple Author: Magic013
C&C Tiberium Temple screen shot Non flying map, take care in the tunnels.
C&C Titanic Author: Titan1X77
C&C Titanic screen shot Setting: NOD ship
Description: a converted single player level to MP INF only.REF and HON/Bar Mct's top defend/attack.Purchase keycards at PT's.Money rooms,private PT's,armor & health upgrades in seperate locked rooms.
C&C Toy Box Author: Skullremover
C&C Toy Box screen shot A different map where you play as toy soldiers in a toy box! ABC blocks and other giant toys are included in the terrain.
C&C Tropics Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Tropics screen shot Description: This is a regular C&C mode map. This small island off of the Bahamas is being battered by tropical storm Gordon. Heavy winds and rain have been reported and the island has been long since evacuated. A Tiberium meteor has slammed into one of the mountain ridges and is spreading the so-called plant further across the globe. The Tiberium Silos that have been added to the map give you one extra credit per second, so you receive three a second if the Tiberium Silo is still active in your base.
C&C Village beta 12 Author: (not specified)
C&C Village beta 12 screen shot Huge map, base defenses very good including tanks stuck in the ground that can be used to fire at the enemy but can't move. Many buildings scattered around and good snipering points.
C&C_Garth3 Author: Garth8422
C&C_Garth3 screen shot Its a Heightfield Map for Renegade MP Practice. this is the Bots version. Special features: Smarter AI Skirmish BOTs used buildings with ramps for snipers. Custom Base Defenses, automated and player controlled gun mounts. Tons of great sniper points. Interesting "on foot" tactics through the foot hills. NOD Base, look for the BIO-Hazard Signs, its a climb point to get ontop of the walls.
C&C_Nightclub Author: Zoogly
C&C_Nightclub screen shot A nice looking DM map with spawn weapons. Plenty of attention to detail, a nice peice of work.
C& Author: (not specified)
C& screen shot
C4 Modded Countdown Timer Author: WiCKeD
C4 Modded Countdown Timer screen shot It replaces the normal "beep" you hear when you deploy TIMED c4. You will hear the same beep, followed by "I've gotta present for ya!" (which is the sound byte played for the Commando when C4'ing a building in the original C&C), and then an escalating countdown of beeps. When the beeps reach a frantic level, you know its time to detonate your REMOTE C4.
CABAL, EVA Sound Pack Author: Pendullum
CABAL, EVA Sound Pack screen shot This sound pack adds a new Voice to most of Nod and GDIs Eva Messages! Nod gets CABAL and GDI gets EVA from Tiberian Sun and some rather interesting Radio Communications. Also changed is the "Keep em coming" sound when you purchase something to "Lock and Load".
CABAL, EVA Soundpack V2 Full Author: Pendullum
CABAL, EVA Soundpack V2 Full screen shot Description: This is the second version of the CABAL,EVA Soundpack.

NEW IN THIS VERSION : Removed Renegade voices. Added building names and enemy harvester sounds. New beacon deployment sounds and new sounds for weapons!
Carbons V3 Mod Author: Carbon-Kid
Carbons V3 Mod screen shot This is the latest mod which is Version 3 of the previous stealth tanks and gun emplacement mod. But this mod is nothing like the last one. This one features all available vehicles from the renegade game its self including hidden ones. New Features include new modified vehicles such as the killer cameleon, drivable turret,flying flamer, fast mammoth tank, transport hovercraft, Flying sam site, drivable harvester, fly the C130 plane, Bots and much more which are listed in the read me. NOTE: Only the host of a server needs this mod anyone else can play its all script based so they dont need the mod to play on your server.
Carnage Club Xtreme Author: Skint
Carnage Club Xtreme screen shot Map features: Lots of Glass to break Re-creation of an Actual Night Club in South Florida. Infantry Only, Carnage rules in effect. Use the Vending Machines for purchase terminals, kills equals Cash, there's no refinery Character prices drastically reduced. Lots of shadowy corners to creep around in. Tons of powerups.
Carnage V 1.0 Author: Skint
Carnage V 1.0 screen shot A smallish, Quake-esque Infantry only team deathmatch map. (note the term "-esque" from the french term "wannabe"). You can upgrade characters at the Vending Machines on the central platform. No Tiberium Refinery so you earn credits by kills only - Prices have been drastically reduced to compensate and keep it fun. Various Powerups scattered around, be sure to leave weapon spawns on for this one. Consider it a great way to brush up on your infantry tactics.
Carnage V 2.0 Author: Skint
Carnage V 2.0 screen shot This includes Round 1 (carnage V 1.0) and Round 2: In round 2 you move into the Carnage Cityscape arena. Basically a mock up of a city block designed with team deathmatch play in mind. Once again, money is earned through kills, you can upgrade your characters at the vending machines(red ones for Nod, yellow ones for GDI.) Unit prices are the same as in round 1. Roof access by way of two tower-like stairwells on opposite ends of the map. You can also try climbing the crates and using the ladders although there is much more risk involved.
Chameleon AI Gun Author: Dark_Force9999
Chameleon AI Gun screen shot "Chameleon AI Guns - After vehicle/harvester exit from cargo, A Chameleon will appear on the airstrip and has 3 AI guns... Dangerous but helpful finding stealth or notify and danger earby! Enjoy!"
Cheese Vehicles Author: Server557
Cheese Vehicles  screen shot GDI Skin Pack.
Civilians Author: bisen11
Civilians screen shot This changes most of the Gdi Characters to Civillians. Also it changes nod a little. Mendoza Now has a Flamethrower gun that shoots rockets and the officer is stronger. Also in the Extras Part of vehicles for Nod they can get a recon bike and a Gdi Med Tank.
Cliff Hangers Version 1 Author: (not specified)
Cliff Hangers Version 1 screen shot Its ment to be infantry only, but for spice the author has added buggie and humvee spawners, 4 nod bikes (2 for each side), and a hiddin light tank...also, the moutned Weapons are spawned to, so kill then they regenerate back... Money will come from kills or if the host allows it.This Map was originally created by Tecko|Joey|Joseph - Map Pack 1 Author: (various) -  Map Pack 1 screen shot This map pack was used on our Renegade server, this is a collection of some of our favorite levels:

- C&C Caverns
- C&C Fortress
- C&C Hangmans Canyon
- C&C Metro
- C&C Mines
- C&C River Canoyon
- C&C River Raid
- C&C Tiberium Temple
- C&C Toy Box
- C&C Urban Rush

All in one file so your buddies can download it and play it too!
colossus2 V1 Author: (not specified)
colossus2 V1 screen shot Great map !!!
CommandoEditor Tutorial v1.0 Author: Ecraser
CommandoEditor Tutorial v1.0  screen shot CommandoEditor Tutorial v1.0.
Conquest River Author: SomeRhino
Conquest River screen shot Large non flying map set at night, visibility is poor. The bases are split by a river and the only way accross is by a couple of bridges.
Co-op Mod Author: linar Dark-Ninja savion
Co-op Mod screen shot Single player
Cops & Robbers V1.0 Author: sgtnikki
Cops & Robbers V1.0 screen shot gdi characters: gdi military police and 3 other prisoners, LOCKE.

nod characters: nod kane, nod black hand sniper, rocket soldier officer.

nod tanks: ssm launcher, recon bike.

gdi tanks: sedan, recon bike.
Cover of Night v1.0 Author: Skint
Cover of Night v1.0 screen shot Alternate base defenses. No Obelisk or AGT. Several nice sniping positions. Small alternate entrances to both bases. No Crazy Mods.
Cover of Night v1.2 Author: Skint
Cover of Night v1.2 screen shot Working Obelisk and AGT
Several nice sniping positions
Small alternate entrances to both bases
No Crazy Mods
Critical Times Author: (not specified)
Critical Times screen shot This is just a little modification that has disabled all damagable body areas except head, so only head shots will do any damage, good for snipers.


I have been advised that when this mod is downloaded to your renegade data file and you then try to log on to WOL you will not be able to host, log on to games or see them (on WOL). You are best to upload it after logging on. Thank you - Renegadezone.

CTF Forts Author: SomeRhino
CTF Forts screen shot This is a port of the Quake 3 level "Deuling Keeps," rebuilt from the ground up.

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