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Radio Mod Author: ilovesys
Radio Mod screen shot New Radio Mod for the following commands: -

Red Alert 2 Boinks Author: Pendullum
Red Alert 2 Boinks screen shot These are Red Alert 2 sounds which would sound great as boinks.
Filenames: c4_remote_secondary_08a.wav, c4_timed_ambient_11.wav, Daddy.wav, Gone.wav, Happy Birthday.wav, History.wav, Never Existed.wav, Shake It Baby.wav
Renegade Army Men Author: Espi
Renegade Army Men screen shot This skinpack makes Renegade into Army Men, GDI being the green team and NOD being the tan team. All infantry, vehicles, and weapons are done with pt icons as well.
Renegade MIX File Unpacker Version 1.0 Author: Benjamin Haisch
Renegade MIX File Unpacker Version 1.0 screen shot This program will unpack all the files from the "Mix" archives used by C&C Renegade.
Renegade Racing Project Author: BMCJ
Renegade Racing Project screen shot Just racing and have some fun :)
Renegade Stealth Tanks and Gun Emplacements Author: Carbon-Kid
Renegade Stealth Tanks and Gun Emplacements screen shot This cool mod drops vehicles onto the NOD airstrip via parachute. Vehicles include GDI Stealth Orca, GDI Stealth Mammoth Tank, GDI Stealth Medium Tank, NOD Cannon Emplacement, Nod Stealth Flamer and more. A vehicle is dropped after the harvester is delivered and after each vehicle you purchase (read the read-me file for more details). Well worth a try.
Renegade Tools Installer 2 Author: Westwood
Renegade Tools Installer 2  screen shot Tool to edit and make maps by Westwood to be used along with GMAX.
ReNGDeAlteredField Author: (not specified)
ReNGDeAlteredField screen shot Field map with extra vehicles
Rock Canyon Author: Tecko
Rock Canyon screen shot Settings:Day And Night Rock Canyon
Description:A very large map, war is going on all around you, but that meens it can get crazy! Careful, sometimes you can be shot from snipers, alot of hills, a little cover.
Air Vehicles enabled.
RRProject Author: BMCJ
RRProject screen shot Renegade Raceing Project or RRP, takes you to a
deadly race track where Gdi Races and Nod spectates.

What to see in it:
~Fast Nod cycles
~FAST Buggies
~New deadly track with Dead Mans curve
~Nod Orcas cost 10
~Working Stop Light
What to see in a later version:
~Billboards (site logos)
~More deadly tracks!!!
RXP Mod final pro Author: (not specified)
RXP Mod final pro screen shot Flying map, good defences i.e sam sites. Good snipering points on top of mountains. Package contains normal maps apart from Glacier Flying as mod released before that patch.

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