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Hamhill Author: (not specified)
Hamhill screen shot Large non flying map with the bases split by a river, access is by the footbridges or road bridges. Both bases are protected by a guard tower/obelisk.
Hand of NOD Author: Sn1per04
Hand of NOD screen shot Description by Sn1per04: - You fight in the Hand of NOD. you can buy characters but not vehicles of course. And you can get very
nice weapons that I have placed in different places.
Hangman's Canyon Author: Beach Head (Ingrownlip)
Hangman's Canyon screen shot Sandy canyon terrain with plenty of tunnels and bridges to explore. Ideal for snipers to sit out in the sun.
Hitman021 Crossover Author: (not specified)
Hitman021 Crossover screen shot Flying map with good snipering points on the mountain tops, both teams have bots. To reach each base you have to go accross a big huge pit by bridge.
Hitman021's Peaks Mod Author: Hitman021
Hitman021's Peaks Mod screen shot It includes map and new configurations for vehicles and new looks. Very good, by Hitman021.
Hitman's Beta 1 WW3 Author: (not specified)
Hitman's Beta 1 WW3 screen shot Complex map with additional features i.e. gun emplacements and aircraft.
Hourglass Mod 212 Author: Iron Man
Hourglass Mod 212 screen shot Has 2 oblisks, Has 2 AGT's, Has repair zone near rocks at enterance of base(s). Aircraft disabled - working on ramps & terrain access to upper "pan" - yea, I know you can fly off the map. Haven't gotten to that yet.
hrgls bots Author: Garth8422
hrgls bots screen shot C & C Hourglass map with bots - nothing amazing
Humm-vee Warz Author: (not specified)
Humm-vee Warz screen shot Normal maps, only vehicles available are, buggies for Nod and Humm-vees for GDI, these include: heavy missile, obelisk, ion, repair and tiberium.
Humm-vee Warz v3.3 Author: (not specified)
Humm-vee Warz v3.3 screen shot Humm-vee Warz v3.3 (new version)

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