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T Gardens rev1 Author: Garth8422
T Gardens rev1 screen shot its the revised multiplayer version of my map
C&C_T_Gardens.mix. hopefully less lag, increased FPS.
custom base defenses, blue tiberium. sniperspots. tank
battle areas.
Tank Bots Author: Eastbeach
Tank Bots screen shot Authors description: - This mod will drop 8 tank bots that will shoot at any oncoming gdi units, Tanks or anything like that,
They wont attack base defence.
Tanks and Gun Emplacements - Version 2 Author: Carbon-Kid
Tanks and Gun Emplacements - Version 2 screen shot This is version 2 of the mod called Renegade Stealth Tanks and Gun Emplacements. Changes include tanks being dropped on the airstrip by transport plane instead of parachute, the stealth effect removed and the vehicles following you everywhere. Check the read-me file and have a go.
Taunts Author: (not specified)

Technician Wars Author: bisen11
Technician Wars screen shot Drops hotwires onto the nod airstrip but care their repair guns hurt.
Textures Author: Westwood
Textures screen shot Texture files for Renegade.
Tiberian Evolution X8 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution  X8 screen shot New in this version:
-fixed up paratroop beacons; soldiers now dropped off by chinooks and stronger soldiers are dropped off
-completely redid warzone and desert storm
-added commcenter, temple of nod, and conyards to warzone
-added music from Tiberium Dawn to all maps
-fixed various balance issues
-new repair bays
-made all infantry rockets homing
-added new map: trenches
-grenadier now has time delayed bouncy grenades
-and more...
Tiberian Evolution X10 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X10 screen shot New in this version:
-added gattlingTank
-fixed various balance issues
-commando now has 3 timed c4 and no remote c4
-gizmo repair gun now has a red dismantle beam as the secondary fire
-Hover MRLS takes place of old MRLS
-added Mobile Ion Cannon(MIC) tank
-new maps: C&C_Tiberium_Canyon and C&C_Stormy_Valley
-destryoable bridges in Tiberium_Canyon
-PT icons for all new tanks
-added Plague Tank
-added health and armour powerup to crate rotation
-in TDM_Basematch you knbow spawn as a random character
Tiberian Evolution X12 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X12 screen shot A new map has been included in this version called Tiberium Temple. Check out the readme file for all credits, whats new in this version and any known bugs.
Tiberian Evolution X4 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X4 screen shot Note: This was formerly the DaeMoNic MoD but the name has changed. Fixes & Improvements: New units (mostly in the extras menu), air roof fixed, new infantry untis in the extras menu, working helipads & reapair pads, new secondary fire for flame tank, new map (Trenches), added Eqvaliser's Sniper City Maps, can now exit A10, and Nod Bomber, added new rmaps
Tiberian Evolution X6 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X6 screen shot You can access the extras menu by pressing ~ and typing extras fnkqrrm and to get the new names for the units u must make sure strings.tdb is in your renegade/data dir.
Fixes&Improvements: added heavy tank and tesla tank, added new maps(imbusa isles, cover of night, and desert storm), removed nod jet but improved commanche, and more...
Tiberian Evolution X7a Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X7a screen shot New in this version:
-added kirov bomber(thanks to the CGD mod team for the model)
- added paratroop beacon: they can be found in desert storm & warzone on the barracks/hand of nod or in Tiberium Swamp in front of the barracks/hand of nod
-added desert eagle for super soldiers and GDI commando (thanks to the CGD mod team for the model)
-added Tiberium Swamp map (made by ApacheRSG)
-added PT icons for Heavy Tank, Tesla Tank, and Halftrack
-working conyards in Tiberium Swamp
-and more =]
Tiberian Evolution X9 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X9 screen shot New in this version:
-added HEMP tank
-added FlakTank
-new heavy tank model
-fixed various balance issues
-fixed commanche bug
-added team death match map
-temporarily removed trenches and desert storm
-gave the elite rocket soldier a flak cannon
-commanod now has 3 timed c4 and no remote c4
-added visceroid bots in tiberium swamp
-GDI has an airstrike beacon
-gizmo repair gun now has a red dismantle beam as the secondary fire
Tiberian Sun Boinks Author: Pendullum
Tiberian Sun Boinks screen shot These are Tiberian Sun sounds which would sound great as boinks
Filenames: Cabal laugh.wav sacrifice.wav, Inferior.wav, Observe.wav, Unit Lost.wav, Primary.wav, Player was defeated.wav, lost.wav, you make this easy.wav
Tiberium evolution x11 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberium evolution x11 screen shot New in this version:
-Microwave tank for Nod
-New maps: TDM-Temple and C&C Forestfront(thanks to Magic013, TTT's newest member)
-Canadian Havoc added some tunnels to stormy valley for better access to the valley
-Paratroop & Visceroid AI semi fixed; they'll shoot at people but dont move around that much
-various balance tweaks
Tiberium Test Complex Author: o0Commander0o
Tiberium Test Complex screen shot Gdi has attacked a Nod Tiberium Testing Complex, very poorly i might add, setting off alarms....and having released tons of Tiberium Gas by shooting Barrels Containing the chemical. The gas chambers for prisoners have been turned on so stay clear of them,as well as the toxic tiberium mist. Some tiberium weapons have been left around so look for them.
Topless Sakura Author: Darkblade
Topless Sakura screen shot Topless :P
Towers v1.1 Author: Planetshaun
Towers v1.1 screen shot High sky scraper bases for aircraft
Transport Bot Drop Off Author: sgtnikki
Transport Bot Drop Off screen shot This is a simple c130 drop mod for nod buy a vehicle 1 transport chopper will drive beside the nod airstrip. bots will drop from under the transport chopper.
TS Sound Conversion Author: Pendullum
TS Sound Conversion screen shot Description by Pendullum: Thinking of new ways to convert renegade into Tiberian Sun, I decided to further than my previous soundpacks and decided convert single player music as well as tank sounds, weapon sounds and EVA announcements. Also converted are some of the screams that the bots shout when they are hit, and many other smaller things like this.
Tutorial Crazy 2 Author: c0m4ndo45
Tutorial Crazy 2 screen shot Description:As the name says, this is tutorial map but with
cRaZy things, drive harvester, fly ssm, crazed bikes,
cargo trucks and cool characters.

Note this is a .pkg file these can cause problems with other mods so it is best to remove it from your Renegade/data folder when not in use.


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